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Dear DeviantArt,
Stop asking me to disable adblock on your site. Your site and the incredibly annoying ads is the reason I have adblock in the  first place.


United States
Current Residence: USA
Favourite cartoon character: ed from Ed Edd and Eddy
Personal Quote: assumtions lead to road kill
You wouldn't mind if robots overthrew humanity as long as they were fueled by booze--or looked like 6.

You keep a cricket bat by your bed just in case.

You know where your towel is.

You know there are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

You figure it's always PEBKAC.

You know his name isn't "Doctor Who."

You think science has a special smell. (It's probably the ozone.)

You know Han shot first.

You refer to your teenage years as "Pon Farr."

You have at least 3 computers in your house, with more in pieces for weekend projects, and a box full of outdated peripherals just in case.

Your vacation days are spent at cons--or recovering from cons.

You break warranties as a force of habit.

You've said "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" to a coworker, and there's a good chance you got paid for it.

You would like a peanut, thank you for asking.

You'd want something with some slink if you're gonna wear a dress.

You don't let anyone touch your red stapler.

You would consider buying a Roomba, Kinect, or 3D television, but only to hack.

You think your dice are trying to kill you.

You have time to read this because your code is compiling.

You're sad this list isn't 42 items long.
  • Drinking: Vodka


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